Alison Cameron

Small Things Alison

Guided meditations and visualizations freely offered  3 or 4 times a week through a group  called Small Things Alison on WhatsApp.

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Good Grief Group I, II & III

Good Grief Group I is for people who are grieving the death of a person. 

Every Monday evening 

7 to 8:30PM on Zoom.  

Good Grief Group II is for people to grieve all the losses of life as we knew it.

Every Thursday evening

7 - 8:30 on Zoom.

Good Grief Group III is for people grieving the loss of a pet.

First Friday of every month

6 - 7:30PM

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SoulCollage® is the brainchild of Seena Frost. It is a fast-paced intuitive dive into a world of images without language, and the resulting cards offer startling insights into the unconscious mind.

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Stories of the Homeless 

The Shower Program for the Homeless at St Luke's is always an affair of the heart.  By sharing these stories, perhaps you reading this are affected, and you reading this will be inclined to stop, look - really look - at that next homeless person you meet and ask, "How are you doing?"  

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Community Spotlight

Shining the spotlight on the amazing people who come to my classes, putting their gifts out in the world through Products they create,  Services  they offer and Events they star in. A talented bunch!

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