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If you would like to be part of the Community Spotlight and put yourself, your talent or your homegrown business further out in the world, send me a business card if you have one, and/or a brief blurb about what it is you do and how people can contact you. A photo of yourself and your products would be helpful. My only requirement is  that you are personally known to me through yoga or SoulCollage® or Good Grief Group. 

Contact me!

SERVICES: garden/cooking blog (Carrie Bettencourt), dog-sitter and then some (Kitten Borgers), Reiki (Nicole Cook), YouTube help for parents of troubled teens (Lane Igoudin), organizer (Angela McKenna), creative writing teacher (Dorothy Spirus), and  life coach (Pelin Turgut)

EVENTS: SWAY! (Linda Sue Price) 

and Long Beach Mid-City Studio Tour (Linda Sue Price and Nicole Cook)

PRODUCTS:  whimsical painted furniture (Kitten Borgers), hand-thrown pottery (Nicole Cook), neon artwork (Linda Sue Price), original oil paintings on canvas (Nancy Rodenhurst), handmade Italian leather bags and pashmina scarves (Nancy Thomas), and handpainted customized peg dolls (Jen Wagner).