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If you are acting in a play, making music in a concert, or otherwise putting yourself or your work somewhere where we can come see you, this is the page for you! 

Please send me a flyer or details so our little Messenger Boy can announce it.

My only requirement is that you are personally known to me through yoga or SoulCollage® or Good Grief Group.

Contact me!



Woven Image performs songs from a wide range of styles drawing on folk, Celtic, jazz and world music.

We give concerts all around Southern California that create community and raise money and awareness 

for social justice causes.

For twenty years, we provided funds from our concerts to support the Woven Image Sewing Institute in Hyderabad, India, but now that organization has closed its doors since the death of its founder, Victor Nakka. It was a wonderful way to bring justice to a small part of the world. Now we are turning to home to find causes to support.

We would love to give a concert for your group! 

We sing and play for free so that more money 

can go to people in need. 

Please contact us for more information.

Phone: 562.209-2768

E-mail: [email protected]

You can hear our music on YouTube, ITunes, and CD Baby

Thomas Parmeter Dyer: Piano, Vocals, Arrangements

Carole Parmeter Dyer: Vocals

Larry Klevos: Vocals

Lorrie Klevos: Vocals

Sharon Edmondson: Vocals, Flute

Claudia Fitzpatrick: Cello

Maggie Fitzpatrick: Violin

David James: Guitar, Mandolin

Susan Rishik: Violin