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From dog-sitter/pie-baker/pet-portrait artist/landscape designer to Reiki healer to 

life coach, good people would like to make your life easier. 

The entries are arranged alphabetically by last name. 

If you have a service you would like to promote on this page, my only requirement is that you are personally known to me through yoga or SoulCollage® or Good Grief Group.

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Carrie Bettencourt

Carrie is an avid urban gardener who documents her growing activities on Instagram at @artichokesandokra. Carrie’s other passion is cooking and preserving all her garden goodies. You can find food centered ramblings and recipes on her blog site.

Kitten Borgers

In addition to painting furniture (see Products), Kitten also runs a busy doggie business from her home.  She is also your go-to person for a pie around the holidays,  pet portraits from photos, and landscaping design and consultation. Kitten is a regular at my morning yoga classes, dogs and everything else permitting. 

Contact KITTEN by email or phone/text .

Nicole Cook: REIKI, Hands on Healing, Healing Touch

As humans we have the capacity to heal ourselves and others with our presence and compassion. Energy work has been practiced with different names (Reiki, Hands on Healing, Healing Touch) and forms since ancient times around the world. I believe the most profound aspect of this modality is the gentle, powerful experience of others being there, standing by us, and giving presence to whatever we are going through and however we are feeling. It is a nonverbal experience of love.

Used in medical environments to ease anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain, this practice can quickly bring deep relaxation, reducing blood pressure and heart rate, increasing blood flow to organs, and optimizing the body’s natural immune resources.

I have been receiving and practicing energy work for 25 years. The first time I felt it I drank it in and felt so profoundly loved. I believe our bodies, minds, and spirits are thirsty for this kind of presence and nurturing.

**Beginners Workshop**

for those new to the practice:

Learn and practice basic positions to give energy healing to others, yourself, and your animals.


Ongoing: First Sunday of the Month


**Women’s Reiki Circle**

for those who are ready to give and receive:


Ongoing: Third Sunday of the Month


**Private introductory session**

(you will be receiving only)

$40 or trade

Call, text, email NICOLE COOK for any questions and to reserve a spot.

Lane Igoudin

Lane writes: "Part of dealing with a troubled teen, as I learned well over the last year, has been changing my own attitude as a parent. So on this YouTube channel, which I started last fall, I share ideas with other parents who are also struggling with extreme teen behaviors. I post a new, 1-2 minute video about once a month, nine so far. The sole purpose of my video series is to help other parents deal with similar situations."

Lane Igoudin, M.A., Ph.D., is a Los Angeles-based writer, an English professor, and a deeply engaged father of two teens.

Check out his YouTube channel here: SELF-HELP FOR THE PARENTS OF OUT-OF-CONTROL TEENS.  

Angela McKenna

Recently, I was waxing on about Marie Kondo, the tidiness guru, and discovered that Angela is herself an organizer - this is her side job and her secret passion! Organizing people's stuff, helping them make those difficult decisions, brings her joy. If you need help sorting and disposing, contact Angela by email or phone/text.

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Karen Roberts: Student Coach

I coach students who are struggling academically 

to focus and do well.

Imagine how good it would feel to know your child is succeeding in school and go through each day feeling encouraged at your child’s progress and growing confidence.

I bring over 20 years of teaching experience to my program. 

I pair my knowledge and experience with creating a supportive 

and positive environment for coaching and learning.

Some of the highlights of my program:

• The stories we tell about the learners we are.

• How do you learn and what does that mean?

• Practical stuff like study skills + time management + 

focus management.

• Rehearse information for retention.

• Rewrite the old story.

The first consultation is always free. 

Please call or email Karen for more information.

Dorothy Spirus

Dorothy teaches writing classes in both Irvine and Huntington Beach.

Creative Writing: 6 meetings 

Starts June 25 in HB & June 26 in Irvine

Creative Writing Jumpstart: One meeting 

June 15 in Irvine & June 29 in Huntington Beach

Writing Your College Application Essay: 3 meetings

July & August

Course descriptions and more on website

CREATIVE WRITING: Explore and develop your creative side. Get started on a short story or book idea. Or maybe you have great family stories you want to pass down to future generations? A children’s book? A screenplay? Is there a half-written novel stashed in one of your piles? Work on your own project (fiction or non-fiction) or write an assigned exercise. It’s up to you. Perhaps you’re new at this and want to express yourself through writing, but don’t know how to start. This class will help you begin. Spirus will help you shape your ideas and evaluate your writing.

Pelin Turgut 

[my niece, based in the U.K.]

Have you always wanted to write a book, design something or grow your creative business? Do you need accountability and creative support? Is your creative potential longing to be brought into the world? I work with filmmakers, writers, artists and creative entrepreneurs of all stripes to create meaningful content, work through blocks and obstacles and succeed. Sessions are via Zoom. Free 20 minute chat for the curious ;)

Contact PELIN via her website here.