"The psyche is relentless about using every possible symbol, feeling, sensation, or memory to let us know where we are in our journey - physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually." So writes Angeles Arrien in the Four-Fold Way. This is the very stuff of SoulCollage®. 

We begin with quiet time and gentle stretches, to relax and arrive in a receptive place deep within ourselves. We do goofy exercises to stimulate the creative right brain. We use Voice Dialogue cards to access the archetypes that exist within us. We spend another hour crafting our collages.  Finally, I lead us through a guided meditation in which we might meet the part of the psyche we have just uncovered. And then we share over tea and cookies.

I am a trained SoulCollage® facilitator. I use a variation of the process described in Seena B. Frost's published works about SoulCollage®. If you're curious, sign up for a workshop and find out where you are on your journey and what your relentless psyche has to say about it. 

I offer SoulCollage® workshops once a month (see calendar). This version is offered on the fourth Saturday of every month.

Contact Alison for private workshops: milestone birthdays for adults and retirement parties, 

senior centers, work retreats and family reunions,  and any special occasion you can imagine.

How SoulCollage® Changed My Life

February 2019:

The SoulCollage® Community Newsletter published me! Here's the blurb, with the link to the full article:

My Unlikely Life-Changing Card

"On the eve of her 60th birthday, Facilitator Alison Cameron was filled with self-doubt as she began training as a yoga instructor. In this article, she describes how SoulCollage® came into her life at just the right time – helping her integrate seemingly opposite aspects of her being, and move forward with confidence in her new vocation."

Super SoulCollage® PLUS 

Back in November 2017, Deb Briggs and I joined forces for a special 4 hour SoulCollage® PLUS Shamanic Journey. Deb is herself a SoulCollage® facilitator with a PhD in Expressive Arts Therapy, and is currently training as a shamanic practitioner. It was a profound and enjoyable experience, one we repeated a couple more times in 2018.

For our latest effort, we gathered again on a Saturday in October at the Montecito Center in Rossmoor. The Center is a stand-alone building with its own parking lot, trees and lawn and outdoor tables, and two large rooms indoors. On weekdays it transforms into a preschool while every other Saturday it is used by InsightLA-LongBeach for meditation: the energy there is both playful and deep. Perfect for us!

Deb and I had planned that we would approach the depths from many angles: through gentle yoga to help us physically embody the present moment; through visual messaging of the creation of the cards themselves, proving to our more disbelieving selves that intuition works; through music, trusting the voices of our individual cards to come together with the others to make a harmonious whole; diving deeply into the Shamanic Journey to receive personal insights; and finally through using the cognitive structure of the points of view of the Four-Fold Way to unpack each other's cards as they appear from our own perspectives.

That was the plan. There were some surprises along the way. We had some concerns that people would see the afternoon as a bit disjointed - a bit of  yoga, a bit of collage - and would any of it have any effect beyond a nice way to pass time? In fact all the bits made for a deep dive into the whole.

I wrote to the group afterwards: "I’ve been thinking more about what I took away from the whole experience, and I think I most enjoyed the peeling of the onion effect, the following of a thread that led deeper and deeper into the psyche - “retrieving the part of yourself waiting for rescue." Starting with the yoga for getting out of our heads, balancing the physical body and opening the third eye, which hopefully helped stimulate the creation of the wildly individual and unique SoulCollage® card(s), which were further enriched by giving the cards a musical voice, which somehow came together from discordant mess to harmonious whole, making me cry, to diving into the Journey with that constant beat of the drum as companion, to finally using the lenses of the Warrior, Healer, Teacher and Visionary to explore the Journey, and not the cards. Deb, I wasn’t expecting that twist, but it turned out to be the crowning piece in an afternoon of stepping stones, each one taking us to another level.  Thank you, Deb, for guiding us through that very rich second half, and thank you, all of you, for your being open and willing to be guided."

If this interests you, know that no experience is necessary - not in yoga or art or music or journeying or any of it. SoulCollage® is a journey, as is everything else. Beginners minds are a plus - you have no idea what to expect! Deb and I love working on this together, fine-tuning it, taking SoulCollage® to all sorts of new levels. We don't have a date planned for when we will offer it again, but that we WILL offer it again is sure, sometime in 2019. Stay tuned!