"The psyche is relentless about using every possible symbol, feeling, sensation, or memory to let us know where we are in our journey - physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually." So writes Angeles Arrien in the Four-Fold Way. This is the very stuff of SoulCollage®. 

It is possible to do SoulCollage® on ZOOM. We begin with quiet time and gentle stretches, to relax and arrive in a receptive place deep within ourselves.  We spend an hour crafting our collages.  Finally, I lead us through a guided meditation in which we might meet the part of the psyche we have just uncovered. And then we share.

I am a trained SoulCollage® facilitator. I use a variation of the process described in Seena B. Frost's published works about SoulCollage®. If you're curious, sign up for a workshop and find out where you are on your journey and what your relentless psyche has to say about it. 

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How SoulCollage® Changed My Life

February 2019:

The SoulCollage® Community Newsletter published me! Here's the blurb, with the link to the full article:

My Unlikely Life-Changing Card

"On the eve of her 60th birthday, Facilitator Alison Cameron was filled with self-doubt as she began training as a yoga instructor. In this article, she describes how SoulCollage® came into her life at just the right time – helping her integrate seemingly opposite aspects of her being, and move forward with confidence in her new vocation."